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Bristol-Myers Squibb



Banners, Signage Displays


Dovetail existing BMS communications to broaden the passion, excitement and commitment to Patients.

we create.
To promote the core values of the BMS pharmaceutical company, we developed a dynamic and colorful motif to highlight key attributes of the organization – PRINCIPLES, GLOBAL SUSTAINABILITY, COMMUNITY, LOOKING FORWARD, etc. Large sized displays were placed within the lobbies of offices to elevate employee enthusiasm and commitment.




NYEE and Bausch & Lomb

Ophthalmologists Symposia – Our challenge was to design a motif that could be adapted to two related CME programs. We developed a lead-in headline, “What do I do now?” and created a motif incorporating the image of doctors pondering the program topic—treatment of eye infections. We used different images for each program sections. These motifs were applied to all program materials—advertisements, invitations, monographs, etc.