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Insights and observations.

Design lives and breathes within a context. We are happy to share with you some thoughts and stories about the role of design in the professional and personal worlds around us.


Bob Paganucci – Designer, Mentor, Founder and Father.

The gift of vision, the stamina for perseverance, the talent of artistry all make for a master of design. From the time he was a designer for the NY Mirror, Managing Director at IBM, Design Director at Geigy, Partner at Salpeter Paganucci, Founder and Creative Director of Paganucci Design, his achievements have been inspirational. Below is a snapshot of one of the many accolades he received from Graphic Design USA. In addition to being a stellar designer, Bob even “starred” in some of his award winning campaigns. Breathing is believing ad campaign and Brethine logo created by Bob Paganucci. Photography shot by Jean Paganucci (Frank’s mother).

Bob was also a multi-talented and a prolific artist and writer. He wrote many songs, books, and poems. Later in life he persevered and spent a great deal of his time painting. Even when it seemed physically impossible, he managed to create some of his best and most diverse artwork. His homes are adorned with his paintings. Please click here to view some of his artwork that spans his lifetime.


Paul Rand – A Mentor’s Mentor.

Bob Paganucci’s big break was when he landed a job with his future mentor – Mr. Rand at IBM – heading up their design center, back in the 1960’s. My mentor’s mentor was an idealist and a realist, a visual composer. “Don’t try to be original. Try to be good.” I was fortunate to grow up with many of his works in our home. In fact, several still hang on our walls. This print shown below has always been one of my favorites.

“Design is the method of putting form and content together. Design, just as art, has multiple definitions; there is no single definition. Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.”


Celgene – Size Matters – 32 Foot Wall Mural.

To highlight Celgene’s major accomplishments, milestones and patents, we designed and developed a 32’ x 5’ visual timeline wall mural. The timeline highlights achievements for a 16-year period and is produced on an adhesive vinyl. This was designed in a modular fashion to accommodate add-ons as future accomplishments and goals are developed. The background of the mural displays an illustrative treatment of actual Celgene research cells. The mural is displayed in several office locations.

mondrian sq copy

Grid – Style, Harmony and Order.

Piet Mondrian is a Dutch artist best known for his abstract paintings. He became an important artist whose ideas and work influenced lots of later artists. Mondrian did not use a ruler to measure out his lines! He thought carefully about where to place the lines, like those that you see in this painting. The red, yellow and blue are placed to the side and the centre of painting doesn’t have any color. I have certainly used his primary color, composition and grid-type techniques in many ways.

JHC Logo White on Blue

J.H. Cohn – Continuity with Flexibility.

I stumbled upon this recently in one of my art director books and recalled the fun, challenges in creating this literature and brand ID system for J.H. Cohn. Corporate and several modular practice brochures shown.