Paganucci Design

Bob Paganucci – Artist, Designer, Mentor, Father and Friend

Thought I’d start this off with a BOBservation of my father. The gift of vision, the stamina for perseverance, the talent of artistry all make for a master of design. From the time he was a designer for the NY Mirror, Managing Director at IBM, Design Director at Geigy, Partner at Salpeter Paganucci, Founder and Creative Director of Paganucci Design to a current artist of numerous expressive acrylic paintings today, his achievements have been inspirational. Below is a snapshot of one of the many accolades he received from Graphic Design USA. In addition to being a stellar designer, Bob even “starred” in some of his award winning concepts. Ad and Brethine logo created by Bob Paganucci. Original photography shot by Jean Paganucci (my mom).